Thursday, June 26, 2008

4 AM - Deprived of Slumber - The Madness

So here I am, wide awake in the wee hours of the morning with another bout of insomnia. I use to blame it on my college schedule, where I would routinely wait until the last minute and then pull an all night-er (or two) to finish a project or study for an exam. After graduation I have come to learn that my sleep schedule is still at the mercy of my social life (poker, midnight bowling, late-night movies) and/or work schedule (still procrastinating and trying to cram it all in during the last 24 hours). I guess that means I cannot blame anyone but myself.

Anyway... Over the years I have come across many amusing things regarding insomnia and I thought I would share them with you so that I can at least be doing something productive.

Item 1: Rives on 4 AM

This is another great video from TED that shows there really is a conspiracy. Check it out or see more of his videos here.

Item 2: Nauseous Nocturne

This is a great poem from the Calvin and Hobbes books that is a must read for anyone ages 7 to 70. Robert Frost could not have said it better himself.

Item 3: The Madness

As always, XKCD speaks for itself.

The Madness

Well... now I am off to try and get at least a few hours of sleep in before the sun rises. If it were up to me I would sleep all day and play/work all night (get a lot more done that way!), but society has other plans.


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