Friday, February 20, 2009

The Secret to Happiness is... Low Expectations :-P

The TED 2009 conference was earlier this month, and already there are a number of great videos posted on the website ranging from Bill Gates talking about malaria and education to the Siftables demo of spatially aware tiles to Venezuela's El Sistema youth orchestra. There are too many good presentations to mention, but I highly recommend browsing through the site and signing up for the newsletter since you are guaranteed to find something that piques your interest.

I watched the presentation from Barry Schwartz about Practical Wisdom, but I think that his 2005 presentation regarding the Paradox of Choice was much better. In fact, seeing as there are so many options for videos that are bound to make you unhappy trying to choose, how about you just sit down and watch it right now:



If that doesn't make you feel better or at least get you to stop worrying so much about all the silly (and not so silly) choices you have to make in your life, then maybe your expectations are set too high.


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Unknown said...

Hi Greg,

thanks for pointing to the vid, interesting!

I agree that expectations play a key role regarding how happy we are. I recently thought about this too. I invite you to have a look at Role and importance of “expectations” in being happy and tell me what you think!

Thanks, Nick

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