Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some weeks are just harder to enjoy than others :-|

Lately it seems like the more that I try and plan or prepare for something, the more likely things are to turn out nothing like I expected. These last few days are a great example: I had big plans for the weekend and the Super Bowl, but ended up missing out on most of them due to a sprained knee that I incurred while snowboarding on Saturday. The rest of my weekend was reduced to hobbling around the house and wallowing in my own self pity, but luckily it is starting to feel much better now and with any hope I will be able to walk without a limp by Wednesday. Yippee!

This seems to be a particular case of “When it rains, it pours!”, as I also had my main home computer crash (Blue screen of death, time to buy a new drive and reload the OS), a slew of financial issues to deal with (Citi credit card APR got bumped up by over 10%, HOA levied a $500 special assessment fee, Car registration is due, and I’m still waiting for my 1099 statements so I can do my taxes...), and a general pattern of small to epic failures that are enough to leave me with feelings of desolation and despair. And that is not to mention the ever growing mountain of work projects with my name on it.

Although oddly enough that mountain of work is how I managed to get through these difficult times, as it gives me something positive and productive to focus on (and puts money in the bank :-). Each task that I complete or problem that I solve is one less burden to bear, and the gratitude from a customer who’s problem I have resolved goes a long way to lift my spirits. I like to think that helping others is my way of self medicating... either that or buying a nice big new toy, but unfortunately this time that will have to wait.

It has however made me start looking at new ways to help out others. So far I have decided to start donating blood, which is a simple one hour time commitment that is guaranteed to make you feel better. I also am looking at opportunities for volunteering, however I have yet to find anything that I feel passionate enough about to give up a large block of what would otherwise be my free time.

I also am still working on my goals to be more active in various communities and to keep learning new things. I attended the annual HOA meeting for my complex and plan on attending other monthly meetings whenever possible. Also I stumbled upon a free MSDN event that is coming to Salt Lake in a few weeks, which I plan on attending to learn more about Microsoft’s plans for “The Cloud” with the Azure Services Platform.

I truly hope that your week is going much better than mine, and with a bit of luck this dark cloud will break and things will return to “normal” again soon.


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