Sunday, March 22, 2009

And now for something completely different: A Camping List.

So I went camping in Goblin Valley this weekend with a few friends and had an awesome time! It was perfect weather, I went mountain biking, and I spent the night out under a clear sky full of stars. I did however come back with a bit of a sun burn because I forgot to bring a hat and sunscreen, which is something that I seem to do every time I go pretty much anywhere. Even after spending an hour or so the night before worrying if I had packed everything I still managed to miss something important, so today when I was unpacking I decided to finally make a list of items to consider taking when camping.

The list is comprehensive but by no means all inclusive. It covers everything that I can remember having packed (or having forgotten) for a camping trip or vacation over the last few years. Also it all fits neatly onto one page divided into 6 categories, namely: Camping Items, Cooking/Eating Items, Food Items, Personal Items, Clothing, and Fun/Games. This makes it easy to skip over sections that are not needed (I have yet to actually bring the Cooking/Eating items when camping, but still have often found things that were missing). The general idea is that from now on I will print off the list when packing and scratch things out after they have been packed or justified for being omitted. 

This does not mean that I will never forget something ever again when going camping, but now when I do I can add it to the list and hopefully it will not happen again. Think of it as a programmers approach to bug-tracking a camping trip :-P Also I am posting the list here so that 1) I can find it again whenever I need it and 2) to help any other hapless soul who is tired of forgetting something when packing and getting burned for it (literally). Hopefully someone else will find it useful too.


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