Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SIGGRAPH 2009: New displays on display!

The 2009 SIGGRAPH conference is going on this week in New Orleans and there are a lot of cool audio-visual and input technologies being demonstrated. The most interesting ones to me are still very early on in their research stage, but they do give a gimps at the type of human-computer interactions that we might see become more common over the next decade or so. The MIT Technology Review has covered 5 interesting user interfaces and displays being shown this year at SIGGRAPH. My favorite is the Hyper-Realistic Virtual Reality system called Virtualization Gate. Check it out:

It uses cameras and a green screen to create an immersive 3d environment that a user can interact with. The technology is still very much in its infancy and requires a lot of computer power to make the whole thing work, but the same thing was true for facial recognition, full body gestures, and motion capture, which will soon make their way into the XBOX using a simple webcam codenamed Project Natal. God bless Moore's law!

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