Monday, January 11, 2010

2010: The year of the eReader?

The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show is over now, but there were some pretty cool devices on display (best of CES awards). While many people are gawking at Google’s Nexus One phone or Apple’s tablet pc, I see eReaders as coming into their own this year as the technology matures, the prices go down, and more content becomes available. I almost bought one for Christmas, but just didn’t feel that they were quite ready yet (Non-color displays, limited books, no web browser, etc).

Today on channel9 there was an interview with Ray Kurzweil, who has been working on electronic reader technology for a long time now and is pretty good at predicting where technology will take us in the future. His company is releasing an eReader platform, but instead of focusing on the hardware they instead built software and algorithms that utilize existing hardware to provide a great electronic reading format. It is based on XPS (Microsoft’s competitor to PDFs) and can be used to merge audio, video, and interactive content into a electronic book format. The Blio software is set to be released in February, but I highly suggest checking out this video to see what’s coming:


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