Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Windows Phone 7 = Pocket-Xbox!

I wasn’t going to post tonight, but Scott Guthrie said I had to, so here goes. You probably have figure out by now that smart phones are trying to replace all of the basic computer usage scenarios in our lives. Calculator… check, Music player… check, GPS Navigation… check, Recording studio… check. Not to mention more web browsing, social networking, and geo-location than you can shake a stick at! One area that I feel that phones have been lacking is hardcore gaming. Sure there are plenty of casual games (and fart apps), but give a 12 year old the choice between an iPhone and a PSP or Nintendo DS and you will quickly find out which one is the real gaming platform.

I think Microsoft has a chance to change this with their upcoming Windows Phone 7 line-up. The new phone will allow game developers to use the xna platform, which currently powers home-brew and indie games on xbox and windows, to easily build 3D games that would make an iPhone developer blush with envy. Microsoft sees this as one of their advantages and they already have more than a dozen big gaming titles scheduled for release with the launch of Windows Phone 7 later this year. Basically they want people to think of Windows Phone 7 as an xbox that fits in your pocket.

Not to be left behind… I plan on jumping on the mobile-phone-gaming-band-wagon myself in the near future. While I will not be creating a blockbuster 3D game, I will be exploring the world of social games that you can play using your phone with your real friends in real life, so stay tuned if you want more details.

Oh, and one side note: I have started using Google Buzz as a way of sharing videos and quick links that I find while browsing the web or my Google Reader feeds. Basically if something is hehe or haha funny it will probably show up on my buzz feed, where as if it is LOL or OMG funny I will still try and create a post here on my blog. If you want to see all of the things that I post you can follow me on Buzz by searching for Greg Bray: there are only 3 of us, and I am the funny (looking) one. :-P


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